About Us

The Digital Finance Institute, is a think tank created for the next generation of financial services. We address issues in respect of the nexus between financial innovation, digital finance policy and regulation, financial inclusion and women in financial technology. We have organized FinTech Conferences for several years, bring the first FinTech Conference to Iran and Canada. Our Conferences have been known to have an impact – for example our last conference in Canada generated an impact on social media of a reach of 1 million people and resulted in the investment into several FinTech companies.

We write White Papers on FinTech, such as for SWIFT (Women in Tech) and a FinTech Global White Paper that profiled 16 countries in FinTech, and are currently completing a White Paper on Financial Inclusion and Artificial Intelligence.

Our goals are to:

  • Develop partnerships for balanced regulation of digital payments and remittances, and emerging legal issues, and for sharing FinTech knowledge and development internationally.
  • Support research and the use of FinTech innovation to solve financial inclusion problems.
  • Participate in emerging digital finance market areas, including climate finance and artificial intelligence for digital finance.
  • Support diversity in FinTech.
  • Support the growth of FinTech ecosystem to encourage investment in FinTech.
  • Build a FinTech community that is vibrant and inclusive, and supportive of startups, in a manner that involves all stakeholders and provides networking and educational opportunities for participants.

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