Christine Duhaime

Founder of Digital Finance Institute

Christine is the Executive Director of the Digital Finance Institute and its Founder, as well as a lawyer with the law firm of Duhaime Law, where we practices in the area of anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing and asset recovery. She is a mentor to Hong Kong’s premier accelerator, SuperCharger, sponsored by Baidu.

As a result of her background as a lawyer in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing law, Christine is an expert in unbanked and financial inclusion issues as they relate to individuals and companies that face de-risking or exclusion from the financial system, and she writes on this issue often for the financial press.

Christine frequently provides insight to the media on emerging FinTech and legal issues including the Blockchain, distributed ledger technology, digital currencies, terrorist financing, money laundering, financial regulation and policy developments, and has appeared on Al Jazeera, CBC News, Global News and in The Wall Street Journal, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and in the financial press. She has written for Quartz, the influential Millennial publication, Financier Worldwide, the Globe & Mail and American Banker and appeared on Elite Daily and CNBC in New York for FinTech.

Christine is consistently voted one of the Top 100 Most Influential in FinTech and has organized conferences in Canada, Iran and Nigeria on technology, finance and artificial intelligence, including the popular AIToronto.

Christine is frequently invited to speak at international conferences on issues of the blockchain, financial inclusion, digital currencies, financial crime compliance and terrorist financing, including at Sibos 2015 in Singapore, International Payments Conference in Singapore, FinTech Finals 2016 in Hong Kong, Money 20/20 in 2016, and Innovate Finance in London, the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Milken Institute, and the United Nations on Artificial Intelligence.