Everett Kohl

Executive Associate, Digital Finance Institute

Everett Kohl is the Executive Associate at the Digital Finance Institute. He is currently studying advanced technology and its applications in AI and Finance for global development at Queen’s University.

At the Digital Finance Institute, Everett is responsible for providing advice in respect of millennial engagement and insuring that the institute is responsive with new changes in technology. Everett oversees international development, partnerships and marketing at the DFI.

Everett participated as a writer and researcher for the FinTech Report for Canada, where he surveyed leading companies around the world on FinTech. In addition he also participated as a researcher in the DFI’s global AI Report which was released in January 2018.

Everett is interested in chatbot development and has recently been hired to work with a Canadian chatbot company to help them code their bots. He has also helped organize many of the DFI’s key events over the past two years including the 2nd and 3rd Annual Canadian FinTech Awards, FinTech Canada and the AI World Forum.

Mr. Kohl also works as an AML and Financial Crime investigator at Canada’s fastest growing digital currency exchange, Einstein Exchange.

Everett is a frequent speaker on the topics of Financial Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Financial Crime.

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