Kris Hansen

Director at Digital Finance Institute

Kris Hansen is a Senior Principal, Financial Services at SAP where he is in charge of driving innovation in Canada for the organization. 

Kris is also a Director of the Digital Finance Institute and the CEO of Digital Payment Partners LLC, a US based company that specializes in financial services technology innovation and embedded payments. 

Kris describes himself as “a recovering banking chief architect” and in his recovery has been advising banks and financial services startups on topics related to financial services transformation and innovation.  He began his career as a system administrator and software developer, started one of the first internet provider companies in Canada and later built a successful software services company in the Hawaiian Islands. He is one of the first innovators to create digital payments for government assisted payment solutions. 

He was the former chief architect at ATB Financial and former head of solution architecture at the Royal Bank of Canada.

In his spare time, Kris is working on a FinTech Radio Show with Christine Duhaime and Janos Barberis, to showcase FinTech talent in Canada, Iran, Asia and wherever FinTech takes them.